Walking This Way….and That…

It’s Amazing

Have you ever really pondered your tongue? It is an amazing thing that almost can take on a life of its own.  It moves side to side, up and down even back and forth.  You can roll it up or stick it out, you can make it touch all of your teeth, front and back. It can help you blow bubbles or wash dirt stains off your kids…..they love that!  Why this sudden fascination with this most vital (and yet dangerous….James tells us so) organ?  Well my little summer cold/allergy attack or whatever has left the bottom of my tongue covered in sores.    I find myself with the magnifying mirror (who knew I would need that one day) trying to see the cause of my discomfort.  When I started studying it I was truly amazed by it.  Once more my mind can not even fathom the detail that God created us with.  How did he think it all up?  And the fact that our bodies are self healing for the most part further amazes me.

I had a friend who was concerned about me because I am not posting much on Facebook anymore.  I have found that my fingers mimicking what my tongue can say can get me into trouble (see reference to James).  Therefore, I just stay away.  I get my fix of self indulgence by posting over here….and I really don’t worry about anybody misunderstanding me….because hardly anyone reads it.  And if you do most likely you have already been on a roller coaster journey with me, so I know you know I do not take myself that seriously.

So I will keep waiting for my tongue to heal, and then I will try to use for only healing words….quite a lofty goal!

Dreams and Reality

I talked some last week about having crazy dreams.  I think it is the cold medicine I am taking, but I had another dream that stuck with me last week.  I dreamed about my Daddy and my Uncle JC.  They were at a church service I was at.  I think it was supposed to be the old ninth street building of East Cullman.(But there were chairs and a huge stage and Kathy was leading singing)  Mom and Dad and JC and Helen had come in and sat down.  I worked my way back to them, but I kept saying, “this can’t be my Daddy, he is dead”.  But he came up and put his arm around me and was walking with me….. but I knew it was not right.  But for just a minute I got excited and thought maybe the other life was a dream.  When that quickly morphed into me trying to find my black truck that had been stolen….I realized the truth.  It did open up a whole episode of missing him again; and the funny thing, in my dream it did not seem out of place for my uncle to be there…. I know dreams are not supposed to be reality but they can still make me uneasy.

The weekend was very short.  I missed the kids football game Saturday night, since I was afraid to sit out in the rain.  Sunday Ella was sick with a stomach virus (secretly glad I was not exposed to that).  Fifth Sunday all the kids were in main services, really makes you miss children’s church…ha!  But it was good and me and the triplets enjoyed some Mexican Food afterwards.  Oh, I loved that Eli hooked up with a boy from the Cullman team they played against.  Eli had deflected a pass that had been thrown to him during the game.  It is awesome that they are friends.

Hey guess what?  This week is U.S. Open Tennis, College Football, and Bruce & Carla coming home for a visit!  Plus a short week- long weekend for me….sounds like a great time!!  Woo-Hoo


I hate losing in a third set tie break.:. Especially when we dominated the second set… But it was a beautiful day and it was good tennis. So it’s all good… And I didn’t cough hardly as much…..

Good Medicine

I will admit, the late summer cold, allergies or whatever has just about kicked my booty….and I really have not felt like doing anything extra circular this week…but I am glad that I just did.  Tuesday night was fun with my Cullman girls that I never really see anymore, Wednesday night was good with family at church and last night I truly enjoyed playing tennis with my friends.  I think it even made me feel better physically to sweat out some of my “junk”.

On more than one occasion I have admitted how much my friends help me get through this crazy thing called life.  Family is also amazing.  Little Alex had his 2nd birthday on Wednesday although we may delay the celebration some.  It is hard to believe we have had him for two years!  It is also hard to imagine life without him.  He brings so much joy and “boyness” to everything.  Hopefully we can have a little party for him this weekend.

Also Bruce will be getting here next Wednesday.  It will be good to see them.  It has been a short year (I know not quite a year) since Daddy died and we were all together.  It will just be good to have them home.

Life is so much more than this time we spend at work, and even amid my best attempts to slow it down if flies by.  Better take time to enjoy it!

Dark & Dreary

Last night we were discussing Psalm 88, said to be the saddest of all the Psalms.  I suppose the timing was good for me between my current study of Job and just my state of mind lately.  The thing is the Psalmist is in dire distress.  God seems to have forsaken him and all of his friends are gone too.  We will have these times in life.  They may last a few days, they may last a few months, it could even go on for years.  We wonder if death would bring us closer to God. “Do the departed rise up to praise you?”  Sometimes there are not any answers.  Our ways are not God’s ways and while we know something good can come from everything, there are times when that good is totally obscured to the one going through the pain.  It is unfair to tell people this when they are in pain.  It is wrong of us to discount the pain.  But we truly do not know how to deal with it.  We do not know how to comfort others because we do not know how to comfort ourselves.  We are the masters of disguise.  We think you will think less of us if we dare to admit that we are in a pit.  I mean really?  Does anyone want to hear it?

God allowed Satan to strip away every good and comfortable thing from Job.  Satan was more than happy to do so.  God let Job know that he (Job) could not possibly know all the ways of God.  He was just a man.  You know God had almost bragged on Job, I am afraid he could find little to brag about with Donna.  Life is hard.  It is full of anxiety and trouble.  But still for me there is so much good.  There is joy in my children.  There is so much beauty.  I was awakened with this nagging cough, but it meant I got to see the moon at 4:00 am when it was so beautiful.

I don’t have answers.  It is okay to lament.  God is still so good even when the storms rise up and swallow us whole.  Through Him we know we can come out on the other side.


It seems like every time that we plan a “girls night out” with my Cullman buddies, I feel bad.  I thought I felt better yesterday, but I have relapsed some today.  The weather on the other hand is fantastic!  I should allow it to make me feel better.  Maybe if I get outside at lunch I will get re-energized.

I was having some crazy dreams this morning.  I woke up trying to decide if I had rather be a sniper or the spotter for the sniper.  I am still not sure the proper way to answer that question.  Have you ever noticed how snippets of some dreams stay with you as actual memories?  I am not sure what that is about, but I could describe several such memories.  I feel like the crazy one from this morning will be added to that collection.

Starting to make plans for our tennis trip to North Carolina.  The drama has started with one of our players that gives the word “high maintenance” a whole new meaning.  Nobody wants to ride with her, or let her ride with them.  Now she has become my problem.  I am trying to take the high road and have a good attitude, but as I recall, I did not want to ask her to be on the team and everyone else told me she would be crushed.  Anyway, it is a trial.  I hope to be able to be the woman God wants me to be.  But as I told my friend Terry, this is my first and probably my last time to get to go to a higher tournament…why does she have to be there to ruin the fun for me?  Oh well…..we will see what we see.

In the meantime, Enjoy the weather.  Breathe (which is way harder than it should be)…

And It’s Monday…

I hate being sick….but I have late summer allergies, a cold or something.  And I hate it.  I left work early Friday and was just a useless slug all day.  I feel better today, but occasionally cough my head off….(I hate it when it rolls around on the ground!).

I did manage to play some tennis on Saturday and seemed to remember how it was done.  It was fun, we played too long but it was good to be outside with my friends.  I had to rush back with Mom’s groceries and shower to pick up the kids and go to Matthew’s game (West Point had a bye this week so the triplets went with us).  They won and so did we…we got to the car just as the bottom dropped out!  But the rain had held off long enough to finish the game!

The kids and I made it to church.  Not nearly as long a wait on breakfast this morning.  We did have to sit at two separate tables since Matthew had someone sitting with him.  We made it a girl table and a boy table.  Mary stayed at the boy table with the Sylas.  Fun to have a big family there. We had to leave promptly and eat lunch quickly.  They were having football pictures at 1:00.  I went ahead and did the Wal-Mart run for Mom before heading home.  I ended up forgetting some of the things I was supposed to leave at her house so I went back over there and took her our vacuum cleaner to try.

Trying to get back in the swing at work, but just don’t feel like thinking too much.  Oh, I did renew my Mom’s driver’s license for her on line this morning.  How cool is that!  Glad they finally got that ability here in Alabama.  Ok…back to it.


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