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Happy Anniversary


You are still the one!

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Blue Skies and Rainbows

rainbowBeen a tough week for my kids…especially my kid-in-laws…. Mary’s grandpa was buried yesterday, and Joseph’s mother was taken to the hospital last night with a heart attack.  It is always scary when someone so young has heart problems.  They have already put in one stint and said she needs two more in a couple of weeks.  It seems like some times you rock along fine for a long time with nobody sick or dying, but when it starts it is like an avalanche.

In other news I am loving my daily Bible reading in I Samuel.  The stories of David are as good as any book I have ever read.  I kind of dread when that part goes off every morning.  I can’t say I have felt the same way about all the old Testament readings, but this part I love!  David leads a colorful life, and not anything close to a perfect one….. but when push comes to shove he always remembers to honor God.  I think that is why he is a man after God’s own heart.

Got to play a little tennis before the rains came last night.  But the interruption did allow me to see one of the prettiest full double rainbows I have ever seen.  God is good!  All the time!

Of course the picture does not do it justice….

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I have just about recovered my energy after a very physically demanding weekend.  So I will celebrate that tonight by, you guessed it, playing some tennis.

I know everyone thinks that they have the greatest kids ever….but my son jumped way up on that scale.  He won a pair of Braves Tickets for Saturday and gave them to me and David for our anniversary!  Pretty sweet kid!  It should be a fun trip.  I think we went around our anniversary last year too.

One of the most remarkable things about grandkids is how they think everything taste better at Mimi’s house.  I am not the greatest cook in the world (nor do I desire to be), but I do enjoy feeding my grandkids and making them happy.  Derek and his kids came over Sunday after I got home and Diana, Joe and their kids came over Monday night….. at this point my cupboard is bare….  Oh and David brought our stove from the lake and got it installed while I was gone.   Now I can bake a main course and a dessert at the same time…. yeah right!

Vacation season is up on us.  I have another tournament next weekend and the following weekend.  Tis the season….and for now I am loving every minute of it….

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Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner….

This is my 11th year to play tennis.  I am not sure how many State Championships I have been to, but sometimes as many as three in one year for different levels of tennis.  A couple of years ago they changed the age bracket for “Senior” from 50 and over to 55 and over.  I missed one season, but have played the last couple of years.  This weekend, the Decatur 55 & Over team that I captain went to the State Tournament in Pelham….and we WON!!!  It is such an awesome experience!  We will be going to North Carolina in September for Sectionals.  I am still so excited!  We finished playing around 2:00 yesterday.  Then we had to stay for pictures and all that fun stuff!  Like any other sporting event, there is a lot of luck involved in making it to finals.  This year the luck fell our way.  I have been a part of several teams who were one or two tie-breaks away from making it!  But this is my first time to make the finals!  What a feeling!!

I always enjoyed team sports in my younger years.  I played volley ball and softball through and after high school.  But naturally when children came along all of that stopped.  Now it is fun to have a competitive sport that I can participate in for as long as I am healthy enough to do so.  My tennis family is a close knit bunch for the most part, and I love being a part of that family.

I do recall at one point in the finals yesterday, me and my partner had lost our first set…big!  But we jumped out ahead in the second set and won it pretty big!  Then it all comes down to a third set tie break.  I had prayed before I ever took the court that I would be who God wanted me to be, no matter what.  I had been having trouble holding my serve and it was my turn in the tie-break at a crucial point.  I stopped, closed my eyes and said God just let me be gracious whether we win or whether we lose.  I know,  we are lucky to have made it this far…..and I thanked Him for that… With this peace, I served the best I had all day and it was game point for us after my serve…. I had the final put away on the final point of the match….and oh! What a feeling!  It was a total team effort….. and there were ups and downs….but winning was so awesome!!!

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Working through the pain…

Sometimes I think I am indestructible.  However, last Friday night I played in a tennis social where we would switch from soft to hard courts four times during the evening.  I tweaked my knee somehow and now I can’t squat without a lot of pain.  It made cleaning headstones very challenging.  I skipped playing Monday night thinking one more nights rest would do me good.  But last night the pain was still there.  It does not stop me…it just slows me down.  Not a good sign with a tournament coming up this weekend.  My knees would probably be a lot happier if I would take 25-30 lbs off of the load they have to carry.  Maybe I should get busy with that.

This getting old business is not really any fun.  However, I choose to do it as gracefully and as fully as I possibly can!

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Power Source

This morning the battery back up that the server is plugged into went hay-wire!.  I think it even shorted out a couple of plugs.  After about 30 to 45 minutes of a work around, I got everything back up and running.  I will admit that used to be a lot more fun for me than it is now.  I don’t want to pull things out, trace down wires, eliminate the problems until I get everything fixed.  But I am glad I can think logically enough to get it done.

Sometimes we take for granted that the source of our power will always be there.  However there are times when we need to examine the power source.  Plugging in to the wrong thing can just cause disaster.  It’s all good until something goes wrong, then examination reveals the true issues.

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Mother’s Day

Not going to lie, the weekend was tough. Our decoration Sunday falls on Mother’s Day. I took Mom to the cemetery both yesterday and today. She had a hard time this afternoon. I know I was where I needed to be, but I missed some time with my kids and grandkids. This sandwich time Is tough.. But I am tough too.

I miss my Daddy. I miss uncle JC. I miss Aunt Ellen. Yeah it was a tough day, but still I am so blessed:


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