Walking This Way….and That…


I cannot believe I have not posted since my birthday.  Right now it seems like that was weeks ago!  I had a good time after my birthday…on the day of I had to stay late for a board meeting, but I had Friday off.  David and I just spent the day loafing.  We went to the new Cabella’s in Huntsville. Then we hit Dick’s, Academy, the tool store and a brief stop at Kohl’s.  We had a great lunch at Outback and then went to Mike’s Merchandise, Home Depot and Lowes…..  When we got home I got Mom’s list and made my grocery run…That is too much shopping in one day!  Especially for me!

Saturday I got to play tennis.  It was a beautiful day for it if somewhat windy.  Last night was a little cold on the courts, but we still had fun.  The other team clinched the season last night with another close win, but we are hanging in there…like a rusty fish hook…

That saying was a favorite of my friend Elbert England.  I went to pay my respects to his family a few minutes ago. I did love that man.  He and Clara were my pew buddies at church for a long time.  It is good to have so many people that have loved you in your life!  He was a very special person.

I had a good several days of tennis for fun, and for real that just was fun.  I know I feel better when I am active.

This week will be a whirlwind of activity with Thanksgiving!  Looking forward to time with family.  Hope everyone has a very blessed Holiday!

And a Recap

The weekend was a blur….but thinking back it was mostly good…

Friday night I got to visit the new Wal-Mart.  I like the convenience, the wider aisles and the easier access from the highway….mostly though, it is SOOO convenient!

Had fun riding with the Decatur girls to Huntsville Saturday morning EARLY!  We didn’t win, but we had a lot of fun.

Took Mom her groceries when I got home from tennis and then showered and got ready for babysitting and football!  Both were great!  I love spending time with all the kids, but man I loved that football game too!  Even Alex got into the game some… Although he would rather play with the tinker toys….

Sunday became a day of shuffling…. I had to find subs for five different players on the two teams that I captain.  I found all but one…. so while we had to forfeit a line in Huntsville, we put together a big win in our match in Decatur!  Lots of fun.  I had to drop the triplets off and take off…our match was at 1:30 and at 12:45 I was still in my church clothes….but it all worked out.

More work issues to deal with today, and I had to postpone my birthday dinner with the girls because of a meeting this afternoon…..but, we are going to play some tennis for awhile.  Pretty good compromise!

Even though things are not even close to perfect, I can always find the good.  There is a lot of good!


Working for the Weekend…

It has been one of those weeks.  I sometimes feel like I take one step forward and then fall back…but I am blessed.  It has just been one thing after another that causes me stress.  Yesterday it was a work issue and I just was not dealing too well.  But after getting physically tired playing tennis last night, I went to bed tired.  I had dreams.  My dreams were indicators to me of the fact that others are dealing with much more than I am, and would be happy to trade places with me and my troubles.  That old song about Jesus knowing just what I need….it is true.

Today is a most beautiful day and the weekend is supposed to be the same.  I enjoy the fabulous weather.  I am trying to even look forward to playing tennis a couple of times over the weekend, but sometimes it is just a bother this time of year.  WOW…can you believe I said that?

I am looking forward to a Roll Tide weekend.  Hope yours is good as well.

Who Am I?

Do you ever define yourself by something that does not make sense?  I find that I do.  When things are going “south” for me in one area of my life, I can let it derail everything in my life if I am not careful.  I want to hide my head in the sand if I “fail” at something, even though, realistically, nothing about me personally has changed.  I am not sure why I do this, and I am certain that I am not the only one.

We talked Sunday about the beauty of hungering and thirsting after righteousness and the rewards that we are already promised if we do so.  We also talked about the distractions and the things that keep us from this goal.  My life could be a perfect illustration for our Sunday School lesson.  I know the right things and the right attitude, but still I feel like a failure when I lose control of a situation…. and it is clear I have no control.

Oh well, stress will kill you, so I will play ostrich instead….I am good at that!

Catching Up

We added a little bundle of joy to our household last week, Actually she is a hyper-active five month old Laberdoodle.  We finally agreed on the name Madison, but we call her Maddie.  I needed the distraction and she is a lot of fun.  However, obviously she has not been around children.  She went into a whining spasm when the triplets and Alex ganged up around her!  She will get better though.  She seems to be really smart and is learning quickly.

I played tennis last week and it was much more fun.  I got called out by one of my teammates for not playing much.  I will try to do better.  It will be over for the winter pretty soon anyway!  I need the camaraderie of these ladies.  And the exercise of tennis!

David went to church with me last week as I made my desire to become a member public.  It was good to have him there.  Yesterday Mary was in the nursery so I was sitting between Derek and Matthew….I had the strangest feeling of love for the two of them.  It does not make a lot of sense, but I felt like David and I did do something very right!  I needed that encouragement right now.  I feel like a failure in other areas of my life and need the reaffirmation that the main things are still so very good.

Diana and Joe wanted to finish cleaning up at the old house yesterday, so I took all four of their children home with me.  Alex and I had a good time playing cars in the floor.  I think he is coming around to like me a little better.  I did have to spat his hand once as he threw some blocks across the room…..violently!  But he got over it pretty quick.  All my kids and grandkids make me very happy.

Mom and I did go to the cemetery on the one year anniversary.  I think overall we are both doing better.  The dread of the date just got us both down.  I have changed her phones and she has reinstalled Direct TV so she is distracted with all of that.  She is also scheduled to have some laser eye surgery this week and she is planning for my niece to come later in the month, so all is good and busy.

I will try and stay caught up better here.  Just wasn’t in the mood last week.

Muddling Through

I played tennis for the first time in over a week last night.  It was fun, but subdued for me.  I feel like a zombie right now, just getting through until this weekend is over.  I know logically that there is no real difference in the day that marks the one year anniversary of Dad’s death, than any other day without him, but we tend to mark time that way.  I guess I am just going to let myself be melancholy and not try to force a good mood.  This too shall pass.

But it will be a busy and hopefully fun weekend….one more youth football game, Diana and Joe will begin to move, some important things for me at church and just being off work.

Next week I will be more chipper…..maybe that is what I will name my dog, when he finds me!

Temptation Eyes.

I used to think it was just me, and it very well may be just me, but I doubt it.  The preacher talked about it last night.  The closer and more intimate I become in my spiritual walk, the more the “accuser” throws darts at me.  It is somewhat amusing because the things that may have been “tempting” for me in the past are not any longer, but I think he (that bad one) throws them at me anyway to see if anything will stick or distract me for a time.  It is usually a barrage too.  Not just one thing at a time but a whole truck load of things for me to swat away.

We were studying Psalm 94, my favorite verse being (19) when my anxious thoughts multiply within me, your consolations delight my soul.  I get close, I get tempted, sometimes I fail.  I fret over things I can’t control or can’t change…..but God has the comfort my soul needs and longs for, if only I will tap into it.

I am enjoying my walk right now.  I am growing close and growing more confident in my Walk.  God is blessing me with some awesome folks to walk along side me.


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