Walking This Way….and That…


Never really thought about it, but truly I would rather not here from another TV, radio, or newspaper again.

Popularity can be a negative thing you know….



Sometimes I am not sure this job has much value. People are in their own world and probably don’t care if I speak to them or not. 

But I well know that traditions are hard to shake off.. So I will stand here at my door, open it and smile…. It’s all good.

Looking Up…

It is true, You can tell when you start moving up out of the “pit of despair”.  I feel like we have hovered around at the bottom long enough now…we are moving on.

The weekend was busy but fun.  I did my usual Friday evening WalMart-Mom run…then Saturday we worked in the garden, I picked up Diana’s kids and we shivered in the pool (maybe that was just me shivering).  Sunday was an awesome day at church.  It was a day to recognize the Seniors and the High School Praise band led the worship.  Very, very good.  I also like being in a place that calls sin a sin and challenges us all to stand up and resist the idiocy that is coming from our leaders.  When political correctness flies in the face of the teachings of Jesus it is time for us to QUIT being politically correct!  AMEN!

A little side-bar there, but needed to be said…. Sunday afternoon I played some tennis and then went and watched Derek’s kids where Mary could take him out to celebrate graduating the first phase of his college.  Bless him, he did it the hard way.  But he has made it even working full time with four kids…..certainly the hard way!

We spent another evening at the ball fields last night, and tonight I have a board meeting that I am dreading….I just have a feeling it is going to be a long one!!  But, I will not complain, life is good, my job is good, I have an amazing family!

So I am looking forward, and looking up!

Seasons in the Sun

We celebrated yet another birthday last night…..the food was good.  The company was good, but honestly, I would have rather gone to see Ella play ball.  We were all a little preoccupied with our own issues.  We were just more subdued than normal. I guess everything changes.  And sometimes we are just tired.  I had a day full of meetings yesterday and I was just not feeling social. Stacey’s dog was sick, Caroline’s husband had just retired leaving her feeling trapped in a job she is not so happy at, and Regina was buying a new truck…..

Everything in life is cyclical.  We are in a down stroke right now… I hope we are down on the way up.  I feel like bottom has been reached…but if not, I can deal with this too. The true joys in life happen in the middle of cycles.  Some ups and downs make it all…well life!  Maybe it is time for me to make other changes.  I never expected to be pondering whether or not to continue playing tennis….. but I guess everything needs to be looked at.

Purpose Driven

I am ready to move forward.  Excuses or reasons are to go on the back burner.  Sometimes you just have to shut up and grow up.  I am there.

I suppose we have reached the all time low in our lake house crisis.  I guess for all intents and purposes it is a closed chapter.  I walk away feeling like a failure and yet knowing that I did everything possible to make it all work.  Now it is almost over and it is time to just move on.  No more worrying, no more stressing, no more doubting or trying to make it work out differently.  It is what it is and I have done all that I could.  So I am moving on.

Hopefully, having stated this I will get the rest of myself in line.  I saw one of my cousins at the cemetery yesterday (TimW) and he was talking about how sad it was to see so few people at church for decoration!  Well, when you stay away for 30 plus years that happens.  My Mom was concerned about how few people were there in the cemetery on Sunday.  I am impressed there are as many as there are.  It is another tradition that is going away.  It’s okay.  I think we all just remember our ancestors differently.

Our Sunday School lesson Sunday was on temptation (again).  This weeks focus was on the temptation of Jesus specifically with the bread after 40 days of fasting.  It was touching for me to have this lesson right now!  I really have to struggle to keep the Devil from having a foothold in my life.  I have never suffered that kind of hunger or temptation, and yet I am so weak. I am ready to move forward with my fitness and health.  I can do this!



Mothers Day

Sometimes I wonder if I am enough. Enough mother, enough grandmother, enough daughter, enough wife… Enough friend. But I am what I am.

I am blessed! Blessed with a wonderful Mom who is still in my life and still and wonderful example to me. I am blessed with two amazing children who chose amazing mates and blessed me further with EIGHT amazing grandchildren! I am blessed to have married the love of my life who loves me in good times and in bad times! I have amazing friends who love me…

And mostly I am blessed by being a child of God! A forgiven idiot! A cherished and honored daughter!! Through Him alone, I am enough!

2nd Sunday in May

Another thing I ran across this past week was a post I had written about Decoration Day.  Well, obviously my position has changed since my Dad died.  I have spent more time in the cemetery in the last year and a half than the last 20 years of my life combined.  Mom and I went yesterday to get flowers.  We buy for Dad’s, Grandma and Grandpa Tucker and Grandmother and Popa Wallace.  She was telling me that I should get help with those after she passed.  I told her that if there was still a Wallace reunion I would take money from that, but I would not ask any of the cousins for help with Grandma & Grandpa.  Just not going to do it.It is scary that I am destined to be the adult… But I can handle it.  One thing my position has not changed on is my desire to be cremated.  I just don’t want anyone worrying about taking care of anything for me when I have moved on…..

I promised myself that May was going to be a better month for me.  I am not doing so well so far.  I find it easy to slip into a bit of lethargy or apathy.  I try to read and keep my mind stimulated, but sometimes I just want to play ostrich.  But as I look up at my bulletin board with all the smiling faces of my grandkids, well I have to smile.  They are so wonderful.  Somebody needs to shape up!  Who has time to feel sorry for themselves!  Move on!

(I sure hope I was listening)…..


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