Walking This Way….and That…

More Than Words…

I was asked a question yesterday that I have never really considered.  “What makes grandchildren so special?”.  Well first of all you know that the question came from someone who has no grandchildren, otherwise words would not be necessary.  So I find myself getting choked up as I try to put into words the overwhelming love I have in my heart.  But the words that I said were these:

When you look into the eyes of this child that loves you unconditionally from the aspect of wisdom that life has given you; you treasure what you now know will be a fleeting time to enjoy this precious life.  In addition you get to see the child you have raised become a parent and the combination of the two can almost make your heart explode with joy.  As I write this my eyes fill with tears.  Truly it is not a thing that can be explained, but it is a love that almost hurts it is so deep.

The explanation is totally inadequate.  I have been blessed beyond measure.  Eight precious little ones and no two of them are even similar.  But I love them all so completely, and nothing gives me greater joy than knowing that they love me too….so much MORE than words….

Third Time….the Charm?

When I open my eyes and ears I do hear God.  He speaks to all of us through his Spirit when we are in tune.  Oh yeah, many times I have my “tuner” to another station, but when I do hear Him, it startles me.

I have sang the praises of my Daily Audio Bible app more than once.  I am grateful to Stephen Skinner for posting about it on Facebook, because it has become a part of my life.  Most of the time I only listen to the scripture, sometimes I listen to his follow up but many times it is time to turn off the Bluetooth and get to work!  This morning, for the third time in less than a month the follow-up talk addressed me specifically.  It is almost like he has a direct link into my dressing area…or my brain.  I was lamenting this morning how our savings have been depleted by the issues of our lake house.  He spoke of how we make idols out of our savings accounts or lack there of…. I mean the thought had barely escaped my brain when he said this.  Why do I doubt?  If I am plugged into God’s word, His Spirit can speak through the word, or the words of the man who makes it available.  The other two times were just as specific and were the exact words I needed to hear that day.

I am not going to lie, (I love it when people say that…like what? do you lie most of the time?) I am a wonderer.  I wonder if I am doing the right thing in the right place and in the right way…or maybe there is just a better thing in a better place in a better way.  I also can worry (although I try hard not to) if I am doing things the right way.  I need the assurance sometimes that I am ok.  God is good at that.  His grace reaches me…..yes even me!

Trip Recap

We had a wonderful trip to Asheville.  It is such a beautiful place and we had amazing weather the whole time we were there.  We had Friday afternoon off so took off to a little quaint village up in the mountains.  The ride, the scenery and the little shops were all amazing.  The group of ladies all got along great and we just had an amazing time.  On Friday night there was a music festival downtown. Some of us stayed for that, some just explored the shops downtown.  It was all a really good time.  The tennis was fun too!  We lost the first round in a couple of really close matches.  But it took the pressure off and I let everyone play twice.  Of course we wanted to play more, but it was fun.  Terry and I rode and roomed together and I think we talked all the way back home (6 hours)….. I know my throat was sore…

Getting back is always hard.  It was a LONG drive Sunday afternoon and although it was only three nights I got used to Eastern time and am having trouble adjusting back.  I am just tired.  I played last night and that should finish up the Combo season for me.  Of course the next season will start soon.

An amazing thing to me is how much I missed being at church.  I only missed Wednesday and Sunday, but it has been a long time since I truly missed it this much.  Maybe some of it is missing my grandchildren.  Hopefully I will get to see all of them tonight.

Oh well, the end of our fiscal year is upon me…. and I am behind here too, so I must work!

Don’t Worry….

It has been a crazy couple of weeks.  My brother arrived on the 2nd and I will take them back to the airport tomorrow.  Time surely flies these days.  We were able to get all of my bunch together at Mom’s this past Sunday.  That was good, except that Mom and David both felt bad. But they pressed on and made it a really good day.

I was able to play tennis a couple of times over the weekend in preparation for our tournament this week!  I am so excited.  We leave for Ashville early Thursday morning.  It should be a bunch of fun!  It might also be interesting; one of the ladies I am sharing a villa with is an Ole Miss graduate….. I hope my Tide rolls, but we will see.

I am trying really hard to live Philippians 4:6 right now: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation by prayer and petition with thanksgiving present your requests to God”.  But I will confess that it has been a bit of a struggle.  Seems like for every good thing that happens…..two bad things crop up.  I know that worry does not resolve anything, but I just want things fixed….yesterday!  God forgive me for my impatience!

Oh, and work has been crazy too, one of my ladies had her appendix out the day after labor day.  We have been short handed until today and very busy!  But its all good.  The weather is spectacular and I do work where taking off this week will not be an issue!

Smiling and trying to make it reach the inside….


My reoccurring theme for the summer seems to center around the book of Jonah.  Oh I know there are other themes for the summer, but it occurred to me this morning that I have done three or four studies on this topic in a very short time frame.  This morning during my devotional time something made me think of Jonah again. I was thinking about the point that false teachers sometimes still preach some truth and true followers sometimes speak a truth that they do not even believe.

God uses all kinds of vessels to get His message out.  Even when we are unwilling to do what he asks us to do, he still uses us.  Jonah is the best example of that.  But the flip side is that sometimes we do not hear anything someone has to say if they have ever disappointed us, either personally, professionally or spiritually.  I think that is a mistake.  God’s Holy Spirit can speak through a donkey.  I am guilty of not liking a stand or direction that a speaker or author takes and sometimes just refuse to listen to anything else that person has to say.  People who lead or write spend a lot of time studying and seeking God’s will.  They are not infallible, but just as God used Jonah he can use them too.

Sometimes it is hard to listen to anything new with an open mind, or anything old that your mind has been made up about for a long time.  But, can I test my faith by listening or reading with an open mind?  Can I hear a side presented without getting angry and defensive and just see what the other person says?  I have criticized others for discounting authors and speakers who changed their stance on certain issues; but am I guilty of the same?

I am just rambling here, but I can see three points in my thinking

  1. You know what you need to do and you know you don’t want to do it…. Do it anyway
  2. Just because someone does not believe everything just like you do, they still are a child of God and could be speaking through His Spirit.
  3. Quit running……you might get swallowed up!

It’s Amazing

Have you ever really pondered your tongue? It is an amazing thing that almost can take on a life of its own.  It moves side to side, up and down even back and forth.  You can roll it up or stick it out, you can make it touch all of your teeth, front and back. It can help you blow bubbles or wash dirt stains off your kids…..they love that!  Why this sudden fascination with this most vital (and yet dangerous….James tells us so) organ?  Well my little summer cold/allergy attack or whatever has left the bottom of my tongue covered in sores.    I find myself with the magnifying mirror (who knew I would need that one day) trying to see the cause of my discomfort.  When I started studying it I was truly amazed by it.  Once more my mind can not even fathom the detail that God created us with.  How did he think it all up?  And the fact that our bodies are self healing for the most part further amazes me.

I had a friend who was concerned about me because I am not posting much on Facebook anymore.  I have found that my fingers mimicking what my tongue can say can get me into trouble (see reference to James).  Therefore, I just stay away.  I get my fix of self indulgence by posting over here….and I really don’t worry about anybody misunderstanding me….because hardly anyone reads it.  And if you do most likely you have already been on a roller coaster journey with me, so I know you know I do not take myself that seriously.

So I will keep waiting for my tongue to heal, and then I will try to use for only healing words….quite a lofty goal!

Dreams and Reality

I talked some last week about having crazy dreams.  I think it is the cold medicine I am taking, but I had another dream that stuck with me last week.  I dreamed about my Daddy and my Uncle JC.  They were at a church service I was at.  I think it was supposed to be the old ninth street building of East Cullman.(But there were chairs and a huge stage and Kathy was leading singing)  Mom and Dad and JC and Helen had come in and sat down.  I worked my way back to them, but I kept saying, “this can’t be my Daddy, he is dead”.  But he came up and put his arm around me and was walking with me….. but I knew it was not right.  But for just a minute I got excited and thought maybe the other life was a dream.  When that quickly morphed into me trying to find my black truck that had been stolen….I realized the truth.  It did open up a whole episode of missing him again; and the funny thing, in my dream it did not seem out of place for my uncle to be there…. I know dreams are not supposed to be reality but they can still make me uneasy.

The weekend was very short.  I missed the kids football game Saturday night, since I was afraid to sit out in the rain.  Sunday Ella was sick with a stomach virus (secretly glad I was not exposed to that).  Fifth Sunday all the kids were in main services, really makes you miss children’s church…ha!  But it was good and me and the triplets enjoyed some Mexican Food afterwards.  Oh, I loved that Eli hooked up with a boy from the Cullman team they played against.  Eli had deflected a pass that had been thrown to him during the game.  It is awesome that they are friends.

Hey guess what?  This week is U.S. Open Tennis, College Football, and Bruce & Carla coming home for a visit!  Plus a short week- long weekend for me….sounds like a great time!!  Woo-Hoo


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