Walking This Way….and That…

Just A Word

It does not take much to be an encouragement to someone.  Sometimes just a word or two can make a huge difference in someone’s life.  I realized this this morning.  Each morning when I get into the shower I take my Fitbit off to charge.  When I unplug it from the charger it always has some little words for me.  Wednesday it said “I like you”, yesterday it was “love ya” and today it was “let’s go”.  Not much, but it makes me smile.  Yes of course I know it is preprogrammed and all that jazz, but still, it makes me smile and feel good.  So why can’t I share that with someone else?  I can!  And I will!

I have managed to do at least two miles of walking everyday this week.  Some days I get in three miles, and some days I play tennis (well, yesterday), so I am feeling good!  Tired, but good.

And tennis was fun yesterday.  I got my first bruise from “friendly fire” as my partner hit a ball right into my side.  My friend Caroline fell forward when going for a ball and bruised her knee pretty badly.  And I hit Wendy in the behind….but she should not have turned her back….she had a racket!  Regina, Caroline and I went to eat and laugh after we played.  Wendy’s son had a ballgame and she couldn’t go.

Looking forward to the weekend.  I need the rest!!

Where Does It Go

I feel strong and invincible at times and so close to God and spiritual…..and then it just disappears.  It is kind of like my motivation to not eat sweets and junk food, I guess it goes as quickly as it comes.

I realized over the weekend I had slipped into a funk.  It is not a faith issue, it is more of a “I just don’t want to” kind of attitude.  I figure the best way to snap out of something like that is just to get busy.  So I am.

I got a letter that we are finally going to court this month….you know on the incident that happened THREE YEARS AGO!!  Of course I still will believe it when I see it.  I want to get really negative, but I am trying to keep positive about it.

To be honest I think the whole Exodus story is depressing too.  These people are such whiners it wears me out to read about them. And then it hits me…. some of the people in the Bible we are introduced to as closest to God still had times of darkness and lamentations.  For every praise and happy Psalm David wrote there was one that asked God to avenge him from somebody and destroy his enemies.  All of life is cyclical.  Why should I expect my Spiritual life to be any different.

Anyway, the last two mornings I got up early to walk.  I went over to my Mom’s last night and when I came home I walked again.  Feeling better physically will help everything else seem better.

So get over your winter funk….it’s time to get ready for spring!!


Today my Dad would have been 85. I still miss him of course, but the ache of loss has eased. I remember more good things now instead of those last few months of misery. Thinking of him now makes me smile. He was a fun guy.

This month would also have been my father-in-laws birthday. It has been nearly 20 years since he left us. My son will turn 35 this month and I am pretty sure he was 15 when we lost Buster. 

Derek not only shares a birth month with his two granddads, but he is a perfect blend of the two of them. My Dad was a jokester and the original .. Never met a stranger.. kind of guy. My father-in-law, was a no nonsense, you got to work hard all the time kind of guy. Derek has traits of both of them. He knows everyone and has no problem engaging anyone in conversation. But he also is a success at his job because of his dedication to hard work and attention to details. He looks a lot like Buster did at his age. But he likes to have fun!

Anyway, I was just thinking about these Boys of February today. I do love them all!


Had a great time playing tennis last night, and then we went to eat and catch up some… I offset all the good I do playing tennis by eating…but who cares!

It strikes me that everyone I know has problems.  Some are big, some are small, some have just started, some are about over, but everyone is dealing with something.  My little group seems unusually plagued with such issues.  Kids, husbands, brothers, Moms, Dads….the whole gamut of issues.  It really makes all of my problems seem small and insignificant.  But, they are not… and yet, they are not too much for my God to handle.  That’s pretty awesome!

My body is reminding this morning that it is not 28 or 38 or even 48 any more.  I am so sore from playing tennis!  I have got to start being more active when I am not playing.  Like Stacey and I were talking about last night…we start over every week.  One of these times it will stick!  I just know it.

Looking forward to the weekend.  I am physically very tired.  Nothing a little extra sleep won’t solve though….peace out!

Go Fish

Once more I learn a lesson from my time in the scriptures every morning.  Yesterdays reading included the Scribes and Pharisees complaining to Peter that they were not paying taxes.  Jesus over heard and tested Peter a little about exactly who should pay tax, but then he provided…. money in the mouth of the first fish you catch…that will cover it.  Once more it strikes me that if Peter had said, I am way too busy to fish right now, or if he had caught one and said “I’m on a roll” and forgot to look in its mouth, would the money have been there?  Faith is absolutely necessary, but it can be absolutely useless without obedience.  Some of the things we are told to do are “trust” and “not worry”.

I had a great time last night.  Some of my buddies from Decatur took me out to eat for my birthday….yes I know my birthday was two months ago, but we are all so busy during November and December we decide to stretch things out.  We went to the hibachi grill at Ninja’s and just had a great time.  I wanted to keep the atmosphere light and funny and that certainly did that.  It is relaxing to laugh with friends even when they are throwing shrimp at you and giving you a volcano for your birthday.

It looks like it will be a busy week.  Playing tennis tomorrow afternoon, and of course, church tonight.


Feed Me…

I have been super diligent with my journaling.  It makes it harder to remember to have something to say here….. maybe it has finally run its course.  Who knows?

My lunch for the family went well last week, but I was not able to do it all that cheaply.  I guess I have more work to do at being thrifty.  But, we did eat the left overs for several days, so all in all it was not a bad investment.

Work is a little stressful right now.  Some things have come up that just have to be dealt with, and one of our board members had a death in his family this weekend.  Just hard things to know how to deal with.  I tried to go by before the funeral yesterday, but people were parked 1/4 mile up the road in both directions.  I figured by the time I got parked and got up to the door the funeral would have started.  I still feel guilty about missing it, but I tried.

I kept Derek’s kids Saturday night and of course the triplets went with me yesterday. I love our worship time on Sunday’s.  I still enjoy my Sunday school class so much.  Every week I meet more people and try to make some personal connections.  Yesterday after class I spent some time talking with a lady who is having struggles with their job and her health.  I told her a little about my situation in an effort to bond with her some.  I think she appreciated me sharing with her, and it really made me feel better too.  Life’s problems are lighter when shared.

I wrote this in my journal so I feel like I am repeating myself, but my daily Bible reading included Jesus feeding the 4,000 yesterday.  Of course it is only a few chapters earlier in Matthew where he feeds the five thousand with so little.  It struck me once again that God can accomplish so much with so little if we will just give it to him.  If He can feed that many people with a sack lunch, I am pretty sure he can take care of me.

Back in the Saddle!

Had a wonderful night last night playing tennis with my friends!  I needed both the physical exercise and the laughter!  I spent too much time on that stinking couch or in my recliner since being sick.

I have accomplished a ton at work this week.  I am finished with my fourth quarter reporting…way early!  I like checking things off my to-do list.

I am still fighting the “faith” battle.  I am trying not to worry about tomorrow.  I am trying to accept that God will provide.  But I also know he does ask me to be wise.  That is what I am trying to do.  Just be wise.

My Mom bought me a Championship T-shirt as my belated Christmas/Birthday present.  Best gift ever!  I wanted one really bad, but could not justify spending the money right now.  She made me a very happy camper!

I was thinking this morning about so many things that I wished I remembered.  That is one more reason I want to be diligent to journal…somewhere.  It is so much easier to type on this keyboard than on my I-pad.  But I like the other journal too,  I do not censor anything.  Just let it rip.

I am ready for a good weekend.  I am going to attempt to fix a “budget” lunch for my family on Sunday.  I am looking forward to it!



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